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PiT Art & Design is Pim Timmermans. I live, together with my partner Marc, in the south of the Netherlands, in a village called Heythuysen.

Metal Art, since 2015...
During my job as a product data engineer at a machine factory, I regularly see what materials and techniques are involved in making / overhauling parts for machines. The different shapes, qualities and colors of the materials fascinate me. This fascination has appealed to my creative side to convert the, in my eyes often special metal objects into accessible art.

In the everyday raw material and parts used for mechanical engineering I see the potential of a work of art. Whether it is for example lamps, 'beautiful-to-look-at-objects', tables, garden panels, garden gates or even kinetic garden objects, every work of art is unique due to the combination of materials available at the time.

The artworks are all made with a lot of attention and love for the material and the shapes.

I hope to meet you (soon) at an exhibition, or at an appointment, made via the contact form.

Pim Timmermans


Exposities 2019




At the moment, I am in the process of making an inventory where I am going to exhibit in 2019. Once a participation is final, it will be included in this list ...



Metal Art


Metal Art

PiT Art & Design

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